Sweetness of life Haven of Peace

Spa, Massage and Hammam at the five-star Hôtel du Castellet

Welcome to the Spa at the Hôtel du Castellet

-The Spa du Castellet will reopen from February 11th to 14th included, then every weekend until the hotel's reopening-

The Spa du Castellet has been elected "Best luxury Spa 2021" in Europe.

Discover a haven of well-being in a 700 m² setting. An innovative, sensory experience, indoor swimming pool with water jets, sauna, ice fountain, hammam, Kneipp canal, salt cave. For even more profound relaxation, enjoy a wonderful treatment in one of seven cabins (including a duo and a suite).

A unique and magical place for peace and relaxation !

Book a treatment by phone on: +33 (0)4 94 98 29 64

The Spa du Castellet was voted "Best Beauty Location Spa 2018" at the Beauty Forum Awards.



List of treatments and massages



Energy & Vitality Signature Massage
This massage is a subtle combination of relaxing, detoxifying and energising movements. Your mind is revitalized and your body is deeply rejuvenated.

60 min | 150€

Signature Detox Massage* H&C
A draining treatment to help toxins élimination, release tensions, stimulate cellular activity and vital energy. Hot and Cold daring mariage combined with innovative techniques, this is the surprising expérience to discover exclusively at the spa du castellet

60min | 150€

Relaxing Massage
A personalised relaxing an enveloping massage* with essential oils especially selected for you. Make your choice according to your desire: Detoxify, recover, revitalize, soothe.

60min | 140€
90 min | 195€

Lomi Lomi Massage
Dive into the rhythm of flowing, rhythmic and enveloping movements. Your body and your mind are in harmony

60 min | 140€
90 min | 195€

Deep tissue massage
This is the tonus and relaxing massage* for athletes. Before sport, to soften and warm up muscles. After sport, it releases tensions and contractures and it allows a better muscles recovery

60 min | 150€
90 min | 210€

Hot Stones Massage
Basalt stones are real volcanic stones. The hot stones energy balance and relax your body. Enjoy a full rejuvenating massage*.

60 min | 150€

Exceptional 4 Hands Massage
The perfect synchronisation of hands provide you an incomparable relaxing
moment. You truly let yourself go.

60 min | 270€

Pregnancy Treatment
While waiting for baby, your body needs to be relieved and you need to be pampered. Entrust us your wellbeing thanks to a full body relaxing massage* that provides you a feeling of lightness. There is no essential oils used during this treatment

60 min | 145€

Back relaxing or light legs Massage*
A tailor-made massage*, an adapted pressure, a personalised oil according to your needs to find lightness and vitality.

30 min | 75€


Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Salt & Oil Scrub
This exceptional skin softening body exfoliation combines sea salts with essential oils to leave your skin nourished, smooth and sublimate the skin.

30min | 75€

Body cocoon Expert
A skin softening body exfoliation followed by a Detoxify body wrap of green tea combined with essential oils to rejuvenate skin, before a therapeutic scalp massage unwinds a busy mind.

60 min | 150€

Natura Bisse - Citrus scrub
Awaken the skin with an energy-boosting body polish infused with the purest vitamin C. The body is then moisturised with Natura Bissé C+C body cream to reveal glowing skin.

60 min | 150€

Natura Bisse - Citrus Drench
Treat your skin to a full exfoliation, followed by a firming and hydrating C+C Vitamin Body Cream treatment. It is revitalising experience using highly concentrated vitamin C emulsions will protect your skin against dryness and premature ageing.

60 min | 160€

Localised Slimming massage*
A target tonic and draining massage* to find a smoother skin and a reshape your silhouette.

45 min | 120€

Facial Treatments

Facials Treatments

High technology IOMA Sphere Diagnosis
Give to your skin the best technological diagnosis thanks to a analysis tool with a outstanding accuracy. We study the change of your skin in 7 dimensions : dehydration, fine lines, wrinkles, diffuse redness, bacterial activity, excess of sebum, and dark spots

15 min | 35€

IOMA Constellation Radiance Treatment 
Bring to your skin immediate « beautiful skin » effect. A bath of vitality for your skin to bring comfort, suppleness and brightness.

30 min | 75€

IOMA Constellation Expert Facial Treatment
A personalised facial treatment that provide optimal results. You find your skin smooth, regenerate and beautifully radiant

60 min | 140€

Natura Bissé The Mindful Touch
Our Mindfulness Spa Exerience

Add a Mindful Touch to your face treatment and enjoy a ritual that masterfully combines exclusive facial treatment with the most advanced technology. Virtual reality, mindfulness exercises and the wonderful power of touch come together to offer a unique way to focus on your senses.

60 min | 150€

Face Massage
A personalised facial treatment that provide optimal results. You find your skin
Find the benefits of regenerating nap thanks to a unique massage with energising and restful movements. A perfect relaxing treatment for a total wellbeing.

30 min | 75€

Skin Cleansing / Steam Bath
Add to your treatment : a deeply skin cleansing. Improve the purifying power of your facial thanks to a steam bath following by a blackhead extraction. You leave your skin clear and fresh with an even complexion.

15 min | 35€


Facial cosmeceuticals treatments expert

Anti-aging Preventive Care Treatment
Maintains the hydrolipidic balance, smoothes the first expression lines and preserves the skin radiance.
• Moisturizing : This treatment intensely hydrates face and neck while restoring the skin natural moisturizing factors. It helps keep the skin’s youthful appearance.
• Descalling : Restores the skin’s natural functions and prevents age-related cellular damage, while ensuring comfort for the most sensitive skin type.
• High Tolerance : A balance-restoring treatment to refine the complexion and regulate excess sebum. It includes in-depth cleansing, resulting in clear, glowing skin.

60 min | 170€

Anti-aging correcting care
Treats established wrinkles, firms the skin, restoring a glowing smooth complexion.
• Firmness : This revitalizing treatment restores the elasticity and firmness of the skin, intensively regenerates the skin structure of face, neck and chest.
• Resurfacing : This «new skin effect» treatment promotes tissue renewal. Revives cellular cycles, smoothes the skin’s micro-relief and improves the skin’s natural defences. Wrinkles and signs of fatigue fade. The complexion gains in radiance.
• High Tolerance : This treatment deeply soothes and replenishes reactive skin structures. The main youth marks are improved: resistance, softness and comfort

60 min | 190€
90 min | 260€

Anti-aging repairing face care treatment – Premium
Offers a comprehensive anti-aging strategy for the body, combining performance and well-being.High-performance cosmeceutical formulations and targeted movements are the main focus of this treatment, combining luxury, effectiveness and absolute comfort. This exceptional treatment induces a sense of deep relaxation during a targeted body modelling massage, which is followed by an anti-aging correcting care facial treatment

105 min | 295€


Treatments for Men

Treatments for Men

IOMA Constellation Radiance Treatment
We select the most suitable facial for your skin. This personalised facial includes a cleansing, an exfoliation, personalised facial mask and finishes with an application of a booster serum to suit your skin.

30min | 75€

Men Skincare
Gentlemen’s, a facial treatment just for you ! You find a comfortable skin and and rested complexion.

60 min | 140€

Treatment for demanding beards!
Especially conceived for you, to answer all your needs. This treatment purifies, hydrates and regenerates your skin and beard for a complete results of comfort and wellbeing.

60 min | 140€

Anti-aging preventive care treatment - Men’s
Maintains the hydrolipidic balance, smoothes the first expression lines and preserves the skin radiance. Especially designed for men. This energizing treatment intensely regenerates the skin structure of the face and neck, while specific modelling targets muscle tension in the shoulders and neck, restoring elasticity of the skin and removing cellular waste

60 min | 170€

This deeply soothing, stress-relieving back, neck and scalp massage* is an ideal way to melt away tension and relieve tight muscles.

45 min | 105€

Men's Manicure


Men's foot treatment


Suite spa

Your Suite Spa

Absolute escape in your suite Spa

Subtly glamorous, highly desirable, definitely chic ! The perfect place to meet up between lovers, between friends, between mother and daughter or between father and son. A refined and luxurious suite with a peaceful and warm atmosphere. Carried by the boiling bath, the time seems to hold its breath, you continue the « Spa du Castellet» experience by the treatment of your desire. A wonderful suite, fully privatised it is the good place to revitalise yourself and live a privileged moment. We are pleased to offer you a fruits basket and a half bottle of champagne to complete this experience.


A moment for two
Spa privatif

60 min 155€ | 2 pers

Bold statement
› Privative Spa
› Relaxing massage*
› The access to the sensorial area is offered

120 min 435€ | 2 pers

Prestige Ceremony
› Privative Spa
› Relaxing massage*
› Personalised facial 1h
› The access to the sensorial area is offered

180 min 650€ | 2 pers

Beauty Treatments

The Beauty treatments

Manicure - Pedicure
Beautiful hands with nail varnish application


Hands softening treatment 
Sublimate your hands with complete hand beauty treatment, exfoliation and nail polish application


Beauty foot treatment with nail polish application


Foot softening treatment
Sublimate your foot with complete foot beauty treatment, exfoliation and nail polish application.


Nail polish application


French manicure nail polish application


Semi-permanent nail polish application


Semi-permanent nail polish application french manicure



Half legs


Full legs


Classic bikini


Low-cut bikini


Full bikini


Eyebrows or lips or chin


Creation of the eyebrow line






Back or chest


Skin care make up

Skin care make up

Light of the day Make up


Night Intensity Make up


Bride Make up

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Your Well-Being

The destinations

Your lifestyle directly affects your overall well-being. Become the actors of your inner balance and optimize your personal capital to feel good and find the vital energy that guides you through the living well, the well being, the better ageing... We bring you the keys to a deep and lasting well being thanks to Mediterranean benefits, innovative equipment and exclusive know-how

Well –being : Balance & Harmony Destination
-Your personalized Diagnosis
- Access to Fitness room and connected sport session**
- Your custom made sensorial path
- 1 Salt body scrub 30’
- 1 Lomi Lomi massage* 1h
- 1 IOMA Constellation Expert Facial Treatment 1h
- Your Balance & Harmony tea

4h30 | 355€

Better Sleep : Rest of the spirit
- Your personalized Diagnosis
- Access to Fitness room and connected sport session**
- Your custom made sensorial path 1 Energy & Vitality massage*
- The Mindful Touch
- Your Mindfulness Spa Experience by Natura Bissé 1h
- 1 Face and scalp massage*
- Your tea
- Keys to sleep well

4h30 | 375€

Preserve your youthfulness
- Your personalized Diagnosis
- Access to Fitness room and connected sport session**
- Your custom made sensorial path
- 1 Exfoliating and firming body treatment Citrus Drench 1h
- 1 Light legs massage* 30’
- 1 Nescens cosmeceuticals face treatment 1h30
- Your regenerating tea
- Keys to optimise your youthfulness

4h50 | 485€

Your H&C Spa du Castellet day
- Your personalized Diagnosis
- Access to Fitness room and connected sport session**
- Your custom made sensorial path
- 1 Salt body scrub
- 1 Detoxifying alage green tea wrap
- 1 Revitalising signature H&C Massage*
- 1IOMA Constellation Expert Facial Treatment 1h
- 1 Beauty Hand treatment
- Your well- being tea

5h45 | 525€


In an ideal setting to oxygenate and rejuvenate, we highlight the essential Mediterranean impact on the body, on the mind and on the improvement of life quality. Meeting place between vitality, pleasure and art of living, the Hotel & Spa du Castellet invites you to continue this moment of pleasure at one of its restaurants. You find serenity and you discover a unique and effective experience of fitness, relaxation and well-being.Experience the “Mediterranean lifestyle”


*Access to the fitness room and interactive sports classes is only free of charge for people residing at Hôtel & Spa du Castellet; otherwise, a supplement of 15 € will be requested.

* The term «massage» implies a superficial manipulation of the face or body, solely for aesthetic purposes, sometimes to ensure good penetration of a cosmetic product, or for comfort. The massage referred to as an external massage of the skin, with no medical or therapeutic aim. It may be done manually or with mechanical aids, exclusively by qualified, trained professionals.

The Programmes

The programmes

To optimise your personal capital thanks to your tailor-made program.



Your personalised slimming treatment    

Your personalized slimming treatment
Thanks to the mechanical action of the treatment accesories, it deeply acts while respecting the tissues. A targeted action on rebellious cellulite.

• The silhouette is refined and resculpted.
• The orange peel effect is attenuated.
• The treated area of the body are softened, smooth and firm

• Abdomen
• Hips
• Buttocks - Legs
• Back - Arm

Any session begins with a complete diagnosis in order to personalize your program 

1 session of 45 min
5 sessions

10 sessions